About Knit Happens


Knit Happens is a company based in both Hackney Wick, in London, and the glorious countryside of South Derbyshire. We offer specially made, bespoke, knitted signs for anniversaries, weddings and children's bedrooms. The idea formed naturally when founder, Alice Palmer, was designing and making presents for family and friends' weddings and birthdays. She has made, to date, a variety of knitted signs, such as LOVE, DANCE, MR & MRS, and ROCK 'N' ROLL.


Pre-wedding tailor-made packages are offered, contributing to creating a unique feel for your wedding. We can work to any given theme, or help you come up with ideas which would suit the personalities of the soon-to-be-weds. Please click on knitted signs to see images.

Post-wedding knitted artworks can also be produced, working from photographs taken on the big day. We encourage both casual and professional pictures, as both can work well. Please see examples by clicking on commissions.


Alice Palmer is an award winning textile artist and knitwear designer, renowned for pushing the boundaries within art, design and production. With her passion for colour and textiles, she aspires to help create something beautiful and unique to remind you of your special day.